Is Road Runner snooping my internet?

Surfing the web a few minutes ago, I accidentally typed in a URL incorrectly. Instead of a normal 404-not found error page, lo and behold, I got this Road Runner Internet “Website Suggestions” page. What’s going on here? Is Road Runner really snooping my web traffic that aggressively? This is the first time I’ve seen this on my own internet connection, although I’ve heard of it before. Anyone else gotten this? How much information are they collecting on me? Also, here’s links to their FAQ page linked from the “suggestions” page. Finally, after reading a few forums on the issues, I found OpenDNS – a DNS server service alternative to your ISP’s DNS server (Road Runner, in my case). Looks nifty.  (Click screenshot for bigger)

Roadrunner Website Suggestions



3 responses to “Is Road Runner snooping my internet?”

  1. OpenDNS is extremely fast too.

  2. Thanks for the support… I’ll give it a try.. it will hopefully work wonders on my WRT-54GL and DD-WRT

  3. I’m confused that you recommend Open DNS as an alternative when they also provides URL suggestions by default