>Winter Music Conference 2006

>Listening to: William Orbit – Hello Waveforms

This past Wednesday, amid much confusion, I finally decided to go to the M3 Summit and Winter Music Conference in Miami Beack, Florida. I say confusion because the week before, I had been supremely confused as to whether or not to go. I had this great opportunity to go down there and work with Giant Step doing production work, throwing parties, living it up etc… but i also had work that week. I really wanted to go, but wasnt sure if i should skip out on my job.. After much deliberation, I decided that you’re only young once, and that I just needed to suck it up and skip out of the city, to sunny florida. The following pics are from my trip down there, and they can be seen in my gallery on Flickr. Make sure to leave excelente comments!




3 responses to “>Winter Music Conference 2006”

  1. >hey brotha! i’m totally green about the miami trip. the pics look great. i’m glad you had a good time!definately keeping the global communication and the herbalizer on rotation as much as possible. thanks for all the help. -J7 http://www.xbtz.org

  2. >Yo Jeffster,Looks like you had a blast…that coulda been me too if hotels weren’t freakin’ booked.You got to rub elbows with Gilles Peterson?!?!?!?!Freakin’ lucky you!I love the pics taken…now I’m jealous and will forever be pouting, haha!O.

  3. >Jeff you are SO MIAMI!!!! (In a good way, I think)Great shots, as usual. Hope you are well.