Longest race yet…

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Yes, this morning I actually pried myself out of bed at freaking 7 am, put on my running shoes, and trekked up to central park to run at top speed 9.3 miles (15K) in the pouring rain. Yes, this was a Sunday morning, and no, nobody was cattle prodding me to do it. I did it because I wanted to. Um, right?
Yeah so anyway, I did do the race.. the longest one I have ran so far, in an effort to qualify for the 2007 NYC Marathon, and to whip my ass into shape first “for the ladies”, and secondly for the upcoming 2006 NYC Marathon, which I may or may not get into by way of a lottery. (That the only way I can (legally)run the 06 marathon, since you have to qualify for it the previous year)
This 15K was a run for Colon Cancer.. It’s always good to run for a cause, I suppose.

This was the 3rd qualifying race for the marathon, and the longest purely running race I’ve ever done. Kind of scary thinking about running the marathon.. my legs were killing me by the end of this race, and even sitting here tonight, my hip flexors are sore, and I have a dime sized blister on the left arch of my foot.. think its time for some new running shoes, and/or new insoles. (I’ve had my most exelente Sauconys for about a year now, so its def time for a new pair anyway.)

Here’s a screen shot from my results, and a link to my results page.

In other news the rest of the weekend was not incredibly eventful… Friday night was spent.. um.. oh yeah, right.. After work, I went to meet Jill at a secret restaurant in the East Village where we had the best, cheapest and quickest Japanese sushi and soup ever.. good stuff. Then Jill went home to sleep off the rest of her cold, and I took an hour and walked from the East Village back home to the West Village. It was good, cause it was a great warm night out, and I got to listen to a good portion of this amazing audio book I am listening to… it’s called “The River of Doubt : Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey” by Candice Millard, and it’s about Theodore Roosevelt’s 1913 journey down the Amazonian River of Doubt with his son Kermit and a group of Brazilains. It’s super fantastic, and there’s a ton of stuff about natural history, rainforest ecology, presidential history, and adventure! I would defininetly recommend you read it or listen to it asap. (the abridged audiobook is available on amazon.com, but I would recommend, if you’re doing the audiobook thing, to get the unabridged version, available on the iTunes music store, and at audible.com)

So back to my walk. It was good, and as I approached 6th avenue, I walked through a giant mob on the sidewalks on the fray between Greenwich Village and the West Village. It was such a nice night, I guess everyone was just hanging out on the sidewalk… Refreshing. It kind of reminded me of living in Spain and going to Plaza Einstein to Botellon. (Although it’s a little difficult getting ahold of 29 Cent “Slap Naranja” in the West Village).
Saturday was moderately uneventful. I slept till 2 or so. (I stayed up late Friday night installing Ubuntu Linux on an old computer. I know, I’m super cool etc) After doing a few errands etc, I went to babysit a little, made some cash money, then went home to sleep for the race today.

Hmm, I feel like writing dry summaries of my weekends is kind of lame and old, but that’s pretty much what I’ve got so far.

Coming up, though, should hopefully be slightly more action packed… I’m going to Florida for the weekend next weekend, and its a distant possibility that I will be going to M3 the following weekend. We’ll see how that goes and if I can swing the plane tickets and accommodations. Oh, and the missing work. Right….



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  1. >Jeff:I recently ran across a copy of your Acid Lounge Comp, but don’t have a tracklisting. Do you think you could email me one? benroberts-at-radio1190-dot-org-Ben

  2. >yes, i can, however there are about 30 “acid lounge comps” out there, so you’re gonna have to be more specific…

  3. >I bet your Momma is proud of you!I am! GO JEFF GO!