Tinder Makes Its First Match in Antarctica

Tinder Makes Its First Match in Antarctica

Not like I wasn’t expecting it – popular social hookup app Tinder seems to be running full steam at both the Sochi Winter Olympics as well as McMurdo Station, Antarctica. From The Cut:

On a lonely December night at Antarctica’s McMurdo Station, an American scientist conducting research there decided to log on to Tinder — “just for fun.” He’d been using the mobile dating app in the States for a few months, and wanted to see if there were any available women out on the loveless tundra. At first, no profiles showed up. But when he expanded the app’s location radius, he found someone: another researcher, working at a deep field camp a 45-minute helicopter ride away from the base station. He swiped right, indicating his interest, and a few minutes later, they matched.

If they were using Tinder at the South Pole station, where I worked during the Summer 2012-13 season, this is the dish those swipes would have probably pinged across.

2013-01-28 South Pole Golf Ball

Tinder Makes Its First Match in Antarctica – The Cut.