• Johnny Express

    Johnny Express

    Cute video, from Alfred Imageworks. It’s 2150 There are all sorts of Aliens living throughout space. Johnny is a Space Delivery Man who travels to different planets to deliver packages. Johnny is lazy and his only desire is to sleep in his autopilot spaceship. when the spaceship arrives at the destination, all he has to…

  • Tattoos At The South Pole

    Tattoos At The South Pole

    Each and every tourist group we get here at the south pole has their own personality – some of them are quiet and burnt out after a long ski journey. Some of them are jubilant and exited to be here after a relaxing plane ride. Some of them speak english, some dont. And some like…

  • Spoolhenge, Antarctica

    Spoolhenge, Antarctica

    About a half mile grid north of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, there’s a strange, frozen monument: Spoolhenge. Originally these giant spools housed the cables and pipelines that now wind their way through, around, and under the south pole station. When the supplies were offloaded from the spools, these empty monsters were stacked up on…

  • Videoblog: Tatzu Nishi’s ‘Discovering Columbus’ Installation

    Hello from high above Columbus Circle in NYC at Tatzu Nishi’s “Discovering Columbus”: Videoblog on YouTube From NY Times: To see the work, “Discovering Columbus,” visitors need only procure a free timed ticket, sign a release, climb six flights of stairs and enter the white windowed box that has been built around the figure. It’s a…

  • The 39th Annual Telluride Film Festival

    The 39th Annual Telluride Film Festival

    Over labor day weekend I attended the 39th annual Telluride Film Festival. This was the fourth or fifth time that I’ve gone to the festival, and it was a great time, as always. Below is a wrapup of a few of the notable movies I saw: Rock N Roll Highschool The day before film festival…

  • Megaphoto: Norway’s Geirangerfjorden

    Direct from Norway’s tourism board, check out this mega 360 degree photo taken hovering in the air above Geirangerfjorden. Click through to check out interactive features, including maps and other views. Created by Making View. Knivsflå – Syv Søstre – Geirangerfjorden.

  • The Descriptive Camera Uses Human Intelligence Tasks to “Develop” Photos

    The Descriptive Camera Uses Human Intelligence Tasks to “Develop” Photos

    Does a higher HIT bit get you better camera “resolution”? The Descriptive Camera works a lot like a regular camera—point it at subject and press the shutter button to capture the scene. However, instead of producing an image, this prototype outputs a text description of the scene. Modern digital cameras capture gobs of parsable metadata…

  • Innovative Transparent Bubble Tents – My Modern Metropolis

    Innovative Transparent Bubble Tents – My Modern Metropolis

    I’d love to stay in one of these for a bit.. French designer Pierre-Stéphane Dumas has put a new spin on camping outdoors with his series of tent-like chambers shaped like igloos, under the name Bubbletree. Each bubble suite is fit to be fully furnished with enough space for a bed and resting chairs. They…

  • Marble Machine Chronicle

    Marble machines, endless entertianment. A great chronicle of one artists work…

  • Jacob Sutton’s LED Surfer

    Quick video today from friends over at NOWNESS. Jacob Sutton’s L.E.D. Surfer on From Nowness: Fashion photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton swaps the studio for the slopes of Tignes in the Rhône-Alpes region of south-eastern France, with a luminous after hours short starring Artec pro snowboarder William Hughes. The electrifying film sees Hughes light…

  • The Art of Flight

    The Art of Flight

    It’s been a long long time since I saw a snowboard film with this kind of production value. The Art of Flight is simply amazing, and I’ll let the trailer speak for itself. A new breed of action sports film comes to life as Red Bull Media House, in association with Brain Farm Digital Cinema,…

  • xkcd: Map Projections

    xkcd: Map Projections

    I usually don’t post direct XKCD comics, despite the fact that they’re all fairly brilliant. But this one really stuck a chord for me, since I love to travel. So, where do I fall on the chart? I have an inflatable 3D globe at home, and yes, I’m very clever. Aside from that, I also…

  • Photos: BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 2011 : Irina Werning

    Photos: BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 2011 : Irina Werning

    For today, a great gallery of photos put together by photographer Irina Werning. What was old is new again.. BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 2011 : Irina Werning – Photographer.

  • The Creators Project

    Last weekend I went with a friend to check out The Creators Project in DUMBO, Brooklyn. A few shots:

  • Balloons into the sky

    Balloons into the sky

    At the PEX Summer Festival, almost everybody had their own piece of experimental “art”. One guy took en entire spool of fishing line, and attached helium balloons every few feet. He also attached LED lights to each balloon, so as the sun set, the giant string of balloons stretching into the sky turned into an…

  • I’m On The English Kills Concert Poster

    I’m On The English Kills Concert Poster

    For reasons unknown, I’ve been featured on the latest concert poster for English Kills, who are playing April 21st at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC. Highlighting my recent less-than-great haircut, with mullet added for effect. Designed by Jeff Capossela.

  • Infographic Overload: An Infographic About Infographics

    Infographic Overload: An Infographic About Infographics

    Ivan Cash, thank you (?) for this crazyness:

  • Infrared Art Viewable Only Through Your Camera

    Infrared Art Viewable Only Through Your Camera

    Toronto based artists Brad Blucher and Kyle Clements have created a series of art works that are only viewable through a digital camera. The art consists of a blank canvas with embedded infrared LEDs. Humans can’t normally see the IR light, but most digital cameras can. So, the only way to view these works is…

  • Augmented Reality Projections Come Home

    Projectors aimed at large buildings at night have been used for a while now to bring buildings to life. A massive high resolution projector is aimed at a building, and the images it projects are registered with the exact dimentios and features of the building. by projecting onto the dark facade of a building, it…

  • Google Labs Julia Fractal Map Uses HTML5

    Google Labs Julia Fractal Map Uses HTML5

    Recently Google Labs released its Julia Map fractal renderer – a neat project that uses the power of HTML5, the simple Google Maps interface, and remote processing to zoom endlessly into fractals. Try it! Google: Julia sets are fractals that were studied by the French mathematician Gaston Julia in the early 1920s. Fifty years later,…

  • Toshiba Grinds Through 20,000 Gigabytes for Ultra-Bullet Time

    Toshiba Grinds Through 20,000 Gigabytes for Ultra-Bullet Time

    Toshiba’s new Timesculpture advertisement is definitely cool – they basically took the “bullet time” effect seen in the matrix, and amplified it time 10. I’ve been amazed lately to see how many main stream companies and media outlets are turning to the most cutting edge tech to keep things interesting – first we had CNN…

  • Manhattan Skyline from the New Museum

    Tonight, between the Gawker Media Meshing situation and dinner, I randomly met up with a friend and checked out sunset from the top of the New Museum in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. I think we got there just at the right time, because the sun was just below the horizon, giving great light. This little…

  • The Jeffzilla Wordle Contentcloud

    The Jeffzilla Wordle Contentcloud

    Wordle is a service that takes any text or rss feed, and parses the content down into the most important and most used words. It generates all sorts of nifty tag cloud-like graphics. Next step, I wish, would be to get a Wordle wordpress plugin that dynamically generates a real blog tagcloud, but with the…

  • Visual Magnetic Fields – Magnetic Movie

    Coolest video/cg I’ve seen this week. With a combination of science and 3d Animation, Scientists from NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratory made this nifty movie which brings to life complex magnetic fields. Take a look and read the back story. Finally, make sure to turn the sound up. In addition to the trippy visuals, the crackle and pop…