Tattoos At The South Pole

Each and every tourist group we get here at the south pole has their own personality – some of them are quiet and burnt out after a long ski journey. Some of them are jubilant and exited to be here after a relaxing plane ride. Some of them speak english, some dont. And some like to get tattoos at the south pole.

A few weeks ago, a tourist flight arrived at the south pole carrying American tattoo artist Jarod Powell of Farsyde Tattoo in Koloa, Hawaii. Jarod came prepared with his traditional tattoo kit, and was quick to set up shop right at the geographic south pole. Although his time here was short, he gave a few of his fellow adventurers commemorative tattoos. A few photos of the process…

Jarod’s setup, with the brand new 2013 Geographic South Pole Marker.

2013-01-08 Tattoos at the South Pole

The pilot of the Basler airplane on which the group flew gets his mark.

2013-01-08 Tattoos at the South Pole

Another member of the group gets a small mark on her finger

2013-01-08 Tattoos at the South Pole
2013-01-08 Tattoos at the South Pole
2013-01-08 Tattoos at the South Pole


  1. Kathy Hallstein says:

    Jarod did our matching Honu tats during our vacation to Kauai in Oct. ’11. He does a great job! Hoe many tat artists can say they’ve done a tat on the South Pole? Go Yama …:-)

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