The 39th Annual Telluride Film Festival

The 39th Annual Telluride Film Festival

Over labor day weekend I attended the 39th annual Telluride Film Festival. This was the fourth or fifth time that I’ve gone to the festival, and it was a great time, as always. Below is a wrapup of a few of the notable movies I saw:

Rock N Roll Highschool

The day before film festival begins, the town of Telluride uses the Elks Park outdoor space to show one old school movie, just for locals. This year they showed Rock N Roll Highschool, starring The Ramones. It was a fun, weird, trippy throwback, and featured fun music by The Ramones – a band I had never really listened to before. Before the cityfolk rolled into town for the proper film festival, it was fun to hang with the local crowd and watch a strange movie. Trailer:


The Sapphires

By far the most fun movie at Film Festival. The music, acting, and scenery in The Sapphires was great. I loved seeing the recreation of the Vietnam War social scene, and it was interesting seeing a different side of the war. Although I don’t listen to a ton of “soul” music, I loved the tracks in this movie, and the energy of the girls was great. Highly recommended for a fun, interesting film. Definitely go see it! Trailer:



This is it. This was my movie for the 39th Telluride Film Festival. By far the best movie I saw – Superstar combines an intersting and complexly surreal storyline with engaging and interesting characters, and is presented with visionary cinematography. I loved the geometric shots, attention to visual detail, and tripped out surrealistic vibe of the film. Sitting through a few hours of subtitles was well worth it for this film, and I’d highly recommend going to see it. As an added bonus, I even got a strangely “meta” photo with star Kad Merad. Trailer:

Me with Kad Merad. Such a nice guy!

Hanging with @kad_merad of film Superstar ( ) at @TellurideFilm #TFF39 Go see it!