Toshiba Grinds Through 20,000 Gigabytes for Ultra-Bullet Time

Toshiba’s new Timesculpture advertisement is definitely cool – they basically took the “bullet time” effect seen in the matrix, and amplified it time 10. I’ve been amazed lately to see how many main stream companies and media outlets are turning to the most cutting edge tech to keep things interesting – first we had CNN with their star wars holograms and election cube, now Toshiba is throwing up mega bullet time.  Watch the video, then check out the making of Timesculpture video – in some ways even cooler.

Speaking of cool ads, although I’m not the biggest fan of Sony, the Sony Bravia ads were nifty – especially balls (making of). Honda’s Cog (making of) is another favorite.


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  1. awesome.

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