Augmented Reality Projections Come Home

Projectors aimed at large buildings at night have been used for a while now to bring buildings to life. A massive high resolution projector is aimed at a building, and the images it projects are registered with the exact dimentios and features of the building. by projecting onto the dark facade of a building, it can be given a new life, and made to appear any way the designers want. This technique has been used to cool effect by companies like BMW, for captivating, large scale ads.

Now, it seems like this projection technique is coming to your living room. Ever wonder what your place would look like with a new coat of paint, or completely new decor? Now, just aim a projector at it. Projection mapping firm Mr. Beam has done just that. Check out this novel video:

Living Room from Mr.Beam on Vimeo.

Mr. Beam Interior Video Projection

We created a unique physical 3D video-mapping experience by turing a white living room into a spacious 360° projection area.
This technique allowed us to take control of all colors, patterns and textures of the furniture, wallpapers and carpet. All done with 2 projectors.
Music: Free the Robots – Jazzhole

Here are some other interesting projection mappings:

BMW Joy 3D Building Projection

Antwerp’s NuFormer Demo