There's a smal, underground club culure in Havana, and we were lucky enough to find Sarao's Club - one of the city's music and club culture hotspots. From With an elegant and sensual modern style, Sarao's bar all in white greets you in the mornings, in an atmosphere that brings the peace needed to carry on with your day. by night, it surprises you with the warm presence of the merriest colors and with music to bring rhythm into your life. This is the ideal place for breakfasts, lunchs and to go for tapas with your friends. a place where everything is possible and you can tell so. Sarao's Bar, your size...

12-2015-11-28 Cuba-DSC03712-Donenfeld-4000WM

Technical Details

  • Camera: DSC-RX100M3
  • Taken: 2015-11-26
  • Focal length: 8mm
  • Aperture: f/1
  • Exposure: 1/20 second
  • ISO: 6400

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