Interviewing With NY1 News About Mountaineering Off The Beaten Track in Serbia

NY1 News Header LogoWhile appearing recently at the NY Travel Festival, I was interviewed with Travel Expert Valarie D’Elia. Val reports on travel and tourism for NY1 News in New York City as well as her own site, Travel With Val.

I spoke with Val about the allure of expedition-style travel to emerging destinations far off the beaten path. Video, as well as article excerpt.

“Festival Promotes Emerging Destinations in the Tourism Game”

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Promoting an emerging destination can be a tough sell, but up-and-coming tourism promoters learned winning strategies at this year’s New York Travel Festival. NY1’s Valarie D’Elia filed the following report.
Travel shows usually exhibit their fair share of tried-and-true destinations.
At the New York Travel Festival, an up-and-comer on the consumer circuit, a couple of places that might be considered a tough sell were trying to get a foothold in the tourism game.

Adventure travel consultant Jeffrey Donenfeld describes what about Serbia appeals to the adventurer.
“The sell in my eyes with Serbia is, this is way off the beaten track in undiscovered, pristine and beautiful country and location that is just begging to be explored,” he says.

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  1. It is good Mountaineering story, many mountains are rich of wildlife and natural scenic features like Kilimanjaro