Connecting as I Travel Across Asia…

Since finishing up my work contract at the South Pole Station in February, I’ve been doing a bit of travel. Staring in New Zealand, so far I’ve spent time in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, and Myanmar. Right now I’m writing this post from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

As I travel, staying in contact becomes a bit harder. First of all, getting a solid internet connection in villages that are sometimes way off the main road is difficult. Last week in Myanmar, using the best internet connection in Yangon at Traders Hotel, I was barely able to get dial-up speeds, and that’s during the moments that there was working electricity. Constant connections are hard. Additionally, there’s simply so many incredible adventures I’ve been going on, and people I’ve been meeting, that it’s been a struggle to strike a balance between actually doing, and taking a break to post about everything. I’ve bended to prioritize doing more than writing, and as a result, posts have been a bit thin.

However, I have been taking lots of photos, and currently have a little over 10,000 photos in my editing queue. I’ll be editing and posting as time allows please stay tuned!

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