Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

After making the long trek by bus across Eastern Java, Jan and I finally made it to the cultural capital of Indonesia, Yogyakarta. As the cultural capital, the town is filled with vendors selling locally made silver jewlrey, batiked textiles, and a whole host of other artwork and handycrafts.

Jan and I only had one full day in Yogya, but we made the most of it by visiting the main walking street, central temple and a ton of small vendors. At the end of our day there, we got on a high speed train toward Bandung, a short ride outside of Jakarta. Pics.

Our base of operations, the train station, was naturally an excellent place for photos.

2013-04-02 Yogyakarta - DSC03980-FullWM

Pedicabs lined up, waiting for unsuspecting tourists.. like us!
2013-04-02 Yogyakarta - DSC04006-FullWM

Gamelan, traditional Indonesian music being played at the Kraton.
2013-04-02 Yogyakarta - DSC04049-FullWM

Headed towards Bandung.
2013-04-02 Yogyakarta - DSC04075-FullWM