Indonesia’s Prambanan, Surviving After The 2006 Java Earthquake

After sunrise at Borobudur, Jan and I headed over to the Hindu Temple of Prabanan. The temple’s design and construction is a stark contrast to the looks of Borobudur. Although the main temples still stand, Java’s 2006 earthquake destroyed almost all of the peripheral temples, leaving only foundations. Reconstruction efforts continue, and we were lucky enough to arrive just weeks after the main temple was reopened. Pics.

2013-04-01 Prambanan - DSC03853-FullWM
2013-04-01 Prambanan - DSC03934-FullWM
2013-04-01 Prambanan - DSC03926-FullWM


  1. aRi says:

    Great shot, I love it. This photo makes me missing back to my dad’s hometown.
    You are the best photographer, Jeffrey! :)

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