Stay Versatile with Polychrome Lab’s Alpine Concept Jacket

Stay Versatile with Polychrome Lab’s Alpine Concept Jacket

Cool jacket today – white on one side, black on the other. Wear it black side out to absorb sunlight and stay warm, wear it white side out to reflect heat and stay cool. Perfect for travel!

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Creator’s blog post about testing the jacket: POLYCHROME JKT DAY ONE

From ISPO:

Polychrome Lab 3 layer hybrid jacket
Hybrid, light, alpine, reflecting heat (cooling), absorbing uv rays generatiing warmth (stabilizing temperature), adapting weather conditions (always an answer to different, weather conditions).

The polychromelab. jacket is the first hybrid three layer jacket to deliver the possibility to regulate heat and chill in one jacket. The jacket is warmed through UV absorbtion and cooled through sun reflection.

Clean, minimal, hybrid.

The fabric is warmed through sun absorption and body heat reflection. The fabric cools through sun reflection. Riversibility wipes away humidity – the side used next to the skin is the fabric that is always dry.

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