Sending Messages with the Reactive Super-Speed Electromagnet Dot Display

Cool making of video, and super cool tech – Tech inventors Breakfast have created this Reactive Super-Speed Electromagnet Dot Display for the launch of TNT’s show “Perception”. Check out the making of video, installation demo, and press release.

I love that this display is an actual physical, moving array of dots – each dot flips around on a little axel, and spectators can both see and hear the display reacting to them.

From Breakfast:

For TNT’s newest crime-solving show Perception we revived a sign technology of yesteryear to create an anagram-finding experience on the streets of New York. Made up of over 40,000 physical dots spinning from black to white at 15 times faster than originally designed to, the screen not only reflects back a unique image of anyone walking by, but allows you to actually hear those movements thanks to its mechanical nature.