Why Nike+ Still Sucks

Why Nike+ Still Sucks

At long last, Nike has updated their Nike+ site. Finally a bit more usability and customization, with the ability to name my runs, include what shoe I was wearing, etc. It’s still not as robust as it should be, but a nice update.

Notable Improvements:

  • Custom workout names
  • Shoe/equipment naming
  • Tighter social integration, with automatic sharing to social networks, Facebook, Twitter
  • Updated design and all new layout
  • Easy input of user biometrics to aid in workout tracking
  • New email report scheduling

Still to go:

  • No direct user control over 3rd party service integration – NIke instructs users to contact customer service directly for management. Fail.
  • Device-specific management screen is non-functional
  • Still can’t import/export activities, or integrate with any other 3rd party services!!! The first comprehensive sports and activity tracking website to offer full integration with all other sites and forms of data wins. Really. If Nike+ would work with my Garmin Forerunner watch, my Withings Bodyscale, and all the other devices I use to track workouts, I’d use it exclusively. If Garmin Connect would work with my Nike+ app (Because the Garmin app sucks), and my Withings Body Scale, I would use it for everything. But there’s still no service that tracks everything. In my opinion, the first company to make this happen will capture the market.



3 responses to “Why Nike+ Still Sucks”

  1. Agree, Agree, Agree!!! Hey Nike and Garmin, get it the F together will you?

  2. Runkeeper do it everything. Sync with Withings, import from Garmin, Wahoo ets.

  3. The extent of NIKE+ sucking goes way beyond these trivialities. The real issues are: (1) one should not have to connect the device to the web in order to recharge it in the first place and (2) Nike should not try to force users to permit theor social data to be stolen free of charge just because they are hoping to make extra $$ form some hare-brained future health marketing scheme. What’s wrong with this picture? A guy receives a supposedly cool new device as a gift — then finds out he has to create social networking links just to recharge the fricking thing. On top of all this, Nike support sucks too. Zero software upgrade planning. They make a mandatory new software release and teh download process places firmware on your laptop plus it screw up my ‘account’ so that all the bullsht I had to go through to de-personalize it when I first received the gist is now undone. I am going to take a chainsaw to this thing and make a YouTube video out of it!