Notes: NY Tech Meetup April 2012

Notes: NY Tech Meetup April 2012

Tonight was the April edition of New York Tech Meetup, hosted by friend Nate Westheimer. A few notes from the presentations. Also, if you couldn’t make it to the Skirball Center down at NYU, there are simulcasts right now:

The Birdy

  • Make better decisions with your money
  • SImple personal finance tracker – delivers to users via email, providing already-there platform.
  • “Manage your spending with one 30 second email per day”
  • Reply to email with typed out list of daily expenses, all expenses are inputted into your Birdy leger
  • JD – What about financial institution API Integration? Woudn’t that be easier? Answer: Yes, financial institution integration works, but only for reliable electronic transactions. In many places, transactions are cash based.
  • Company is currently working on mobile apps and text messaging integration

Reserve My City

  • Seamless Restaurant Reservations Through Foursquare”
  • Restaurant reservations through Foursquare
  • Sync foursquare account to Reserve My City
  • When a user bookmarks a place in Foursquare, the Reserve My City backend pickus on the user activity, and immediately emails the user with a link to make reservations at the restaurant immediately.
  • iOS App allows on the go reservations

Spotless City

  • Never drop off your clothes again
  • Find your neighborhood dry cleaner and schedule a pickup and delivery online.
  • Individual cleaners delivery/pickup range, services, prices list clearly aggrigated by the site, and pickup is scheduled on the site, with payment integration.
  • Same exact pricing as if you dropped it off by yourself. – Edge over TaskRabbit


  • Expertly curated streaming playlists
  • Great background music to make you look really cool for your parties.
  • Helps find great music quickly and easily
  • Pick from a list of playlists all made my music experts – expertly curated playlists
  • Anticipates songs a user might need – Music concierge finds music for busy people based on multiple factors – phone, daypart, location, day of the week, season.
  • On DMCA compliant non-interactive license
  • Who are music experts?
  • Download Songza on iTunes

Fake Girlfriend

  • Lets you text with a fake girlfriend
  • Buy a phone number for your new fake girlfriend
  • Text a number you own, and get a response from your list of fake girlfriend responses.