Fueled’s New Home is 568 Broadway

Fueled’s New Home is 568 Broadway

Pando Daily has gotten wind my company Fueled’s impending move, and we’re as excited as they are. This week we’re still at General Assembly, but next week we’ll be in our shiny new office at 568 Broadway, right along side Foursquare, and a number of others. Excited!

Next month, the building will become home to several more tech companies. Fueled, a mobile app development company with 45 employees, moves in. As will Indaba Music, a social network for musicians, 20×200, an ecommerce site for art collectors, and, I’m told, Bitly, the URL shortening company backed by betaworks. The building is home to some of New York’s fastest growing startups.

via 568 Broadway Now Home to 10 Hot Startups | PandoDaily.

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Update 2023-10-19 – Fueled has moved to 430 W 14th St, New York, NY 10014