Notes from the April New York Tech Meetup…

Some quick notes from tonight’s New York Tech Meetup


AskLocal iOS app
– Communication by location
– Send targeted messages to specific locations, rather than people.


– Note taking web app.
– Post sticky notes on a personal virtual corkboard
– Collaboration features
– Embed url
– “Get your own corkboard, start managing a life”

– Social connector iOS app
– Fb and 4sq integration
– Uses Bluetooth and Wifi for connecting
-Presented by @DB

Message Party
– iOS app
– Mini blog for every venue
– Anyone at a venue can post, and view
– Message reach can be specified by poster – global, local, etc.
– GPS integration to show messages nearby
– “Geoblogging”
– ycombinator startup
– Launched 2011-04-06

I’m Up For It
– “What’s going to be going on”
– Check into an activity in the future so your friends can join in
– Pings from your friends about doing stuff in the future propigating across yoir social graph automatically
– Forward looking news feed of actioable items with your real friends
– 4sq integration with plain language processing


The Atavist
– Publisher of longform journalism
– “Original Nonfiction Storytelling”
– iOS app
– Integration with “Periodic” publishing platform – connected live to app itself


NY Hacker
– NYC’s hacker union
– Goal is to create an engineering culture in NYC – code for a cure project

Lemonade Stand
– Product of NYC Startup Bus
– Hacked together in 3 days
– Makes it very quick, intuitive and simple to sell something online
– Completely open for developers and users – via JSfiddle
– Easy to integrate into other apps
– Potential integration with Square or Venmo payment API


– NY Based, inside of Arc90 Lab
– Like Instapaper text view – presents content in clean reading view
– Open Source – “reader” feature in Apple’s Safari is actually powered by Readability
– Flipboard iOS app powered by readability
– Features added to read later, sharing, synchronized visual settings
– Publishers can register with Readability, and receive a portion of proceeds
– Apple rejected app with Instapaper integtation
– HTML5 mobile app made, with offline storage
– API public
– using Readability API
– Possible future integration with Pulse app


– Running fitness app
– “Running Is Social”

Listening to: The Chemical Brothers – Swoon (Boys Noize Remix)