Running into 2012 with the New York Road Runners

New years eve always sucks. You always end up getting very excited and concerned over having the “perfect” new years, and being in the best spot right at midnight.. and inevitably, it never happens. At least for me, in many past years, although I’ve been in good places I’m always just short of the absolute best place for new years. So, I’ve grown to not expect a lot out of new years.

This new years eve was my first one in the city I’m living. Traditionally, I’ve always been traveling over the new year. But this time I was right smack in the middle of NYC.

Also this year, unlike past years, my new years eve rocked. I spent the evening with my family at my uncles apartment in Manhattan, and then just before midnight, walked over to Central Park with the parents to run in the NYRR Emerald Nuts Midnight Run. The run started exactly at midnight, so truly my first act of the new year was a 4 mile sprint. Although the race wasn’t officially timed, I used the Nike+ GPS iOS App on my iPhone to time and track me.. and I ended up having one of the best races ever. I averaged 6:36 min/mile, and felt great at the end.. even had enough energy to sprint the last 200 meters, passing 5 or 6 people. It’s always nice to sprint and pass people at the end, but a little troubling – if I’m able to sprint at the end of the race, I obviously wasn’t pushing myself hard enough during the race – I should have exactly 0% energy left over at the very end, if I’m burning at maximum – which is what needs to happen at all times.

Anyway, below are screenshots from the Nike+ GPS App tracking. Unfortunately, there’s no way to easily embed the tracking data on a web page.. yet.