Surviving The Beginnings of Hurricane Irene in St. Maarten

Surviving The Beginnings of Hurricane Irene in St. Maarten

Last week while I was living in the Dutch island of St. Maarten, I got hit by what was the beginnings of Hurricane Irene. At the time it was only classified a “tropical storm”, however the weather was still fierce. I was staying at The Crew House, a small hostel just across the street from the SXM airport. I shot this quick video while sitting at Shadow’s Bar, right next to The Crew House. Me, Shadow, and a few other guys staying at The Crew House all hung out at the bar all day riding out the storm. Right after I made these videos, the weather got bad enough that we had to find some scraps of plywood to board up the porch of the bar, so the whole thing wouldn’t blow away.

Now, as I sit today in relatively sunny NYC, I’m preparing to face this storm once again – it’s scheduled to hit New York City sometime late tomorrow and Sunday, and we’re all bracing for the worst. So, that combined with the earthquake earlier this week, I’ve now been in both a Hurricane and an Earthquake in the same week – amazing!

Hurricane Irene video with wind, weather and waves shot from St. Maarten SXM

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  1. Tobassist

    You spelled storm wrong at the end

    1. Fixed.. thanks!