The Crew House, St. Maarten


During my week staying in St. Maarten, I made The Crew House my home. It’s not the most posh accomodations, but the inexpensive hostel is great. When I’m traveling by myself, I always prefer to stay at low key, local places like this, instead of big hotels. Staying at small hostels and boarding houses puts me in with other like minded travelers, and provides a good opportunity to meet cool new people and go on lots of random adventures. At The Crew House, I met up with a bunch of travelers, and spent time right next store at Shadow’s bar eating great food. Plus, The Crew House is right next to the SXM airport, so it’s very convenient to get to.

This picture is a panorama of the inside of The Crew House, which is essentially a doublewide mobile home. We had a nice big Satellite TV and Wifi, and good AC in my room. It’s not the absolute nicest place, but for $35/night and good people to hang with, plus a dinghy dock and access to the airport and local busses, you can’t beat it.

See this image in my Flickr Photostream.