Infographic: The World Trade Center – Reborn

Infographic: The World Trade Center – Reborn

This week is my one week back in NYC, before I head out again on another adventure. Being back in the city, even for a short time, has been great. I’ve caught up with a bunch of friends, gotten back into the groove of being a “New Yorker”, and rediscovered a few city sights. It’s interesting going away for a while, because upon return, I’m looking at the city with renewed eyes. One thing I noticed while walking along the West Side pathway the other day was the progress being made on the new World Trade Center site. Progress on 1 World Trade Center seems to be coming along, and it’s great seeing the new building gain height. I’m eagerly awaiting the opening of the building, and a tour to check out all of the cool new tech that goes into it.

In preparation, I found this infographic going over some of the numbers and stats involved in the building of this massive structure, courtesy of my former client and Column Five Media. (found via Reddit)



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  1. No linklove for history? How’s it going dude?

    1. It’s going well!