Flying the Cessna 172

Flying the Cessna 172

On June 27th, I rented and flew a Cessna 172 for the first time. Starting in the mid-afternoon, I took the train from NYC out to Farmingdale, NY to the Nassau Flyers offices, located at the Farmingdale Republic AIrport, and has their own hangar. I initally came out to the airport for a lesson on the Aviat Husky, but got there a little early, so decided to fly the Cessna first, and then the Husky.

The Cessna 172 is the most popular light aircraft in history, and is a pleasure to fly. After taxiing onto the runway with my flight instructor in the co-pilots seat (i was in the pilots seat, hehe..), we gunned the engine and made a quick takeoff, climbing to around 2500 feet. Our flight out to the south shore of Long Island and in the surrounding area was fun and relaxing, and I flew the plane unassisted most of the time. Really the only times I gave over controls to my instructor were so I could grab my camera and take some pictures.

Landing was fairly straightforward, and after getting into the flight pattern and letting a jet pass us, we made a smooth landing back at the airport. I racked up 1.2 hours of flight time, which I’ll be putting toward my required time for my pilots license!

Overal a great experience!

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