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  • Private Pilot

    Private Pilot

    I got my private pilots license (PPL) flying a Cessna 172S. I primarily trained with Aspen Flying Club at Centennial Airport (KAPA), in addition to a number of training flights originating from Western Air Flight Academy at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport KBJC. My solo cross country training flights were from Centennial KAPA down to Pueblo…

  • Flying the Cessna 172

    Flying the Cessna 172

    On June 27th, I rented and flew a Cessna 172 for the first time. Starting in the mid-afternoon, I took the train from NYC out to Farmingdale, NY to the Nassau Flyers offices, located at the Farmingdale Republic AIrport, and has their own hangar. I initally came out to the airport for a lesson on…