Private Pilot

I got my private pilots license (PPL) flying a Cessna 172S. I primarily trained with Aspen Flying Club at Centennial Airport (KAPA), in addition to a number of training flights originating from Western Air Flight Academy at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport KBJC. My solo cross country training flights were from Centennial KAPA down to Pueblo KPUB then onto LaJunta KLHX and back to Centennial KAPA. I also completed night VFR flights from Centennial KAPA up to Fort Collins KFNL. Also, lots of laps between Centennial KAPA and The Colorado Air and Space Port KCFO.

Training in the Denver Metro area was certainly interesting. I gained a good amount of experience flying in congested and convoluted airspace, handling the unique mountain and plains weather patterns we have, as well as well as navigating around our many military and other restricted areas.

Interested in learning to fly? Happy to talk to you about my personal experience with flight training any time!