QR Codes All Over NYC

Lately I’ve been noticing an increasing number of QR Codes – high resolution barcodes showing up in store windows and street advertisements all over the place. For the most part they have been well implemented, and it’s beginning to look like the usage is going from a novelty to a necessity. I recently saw the two codes pictured in advertisements placed side by side in a subway station.

Now that QR codes are beginning to penetrate the market, next step is to ensure that consumers can easily scan them. Right now there are tens of QR code apps for smartphones that are available for on-demand download. The next important step to help adoption rates is to build QR code scanning functionality into every smartphone from the beginning, an eliminate the need for a download. It’s really up to the carriers and software manufacturers to take this next step.

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** Update 20110218

QR is gathering even more speed. From MediaPost’s Mobile Insider blog post – Stop Trying So Hard To Be Loved: Utility Lures Wine Shoppers From SMS To 2D Codes

When given a choice between texting for more information and scanning a QR code for a link on in-store bottle neck hangers, published inserts and case labels, customers chose QR over texting 7 to 1

**Update 20110222
Now, the city of NYC is starting to add them to building permits:

New York City’s Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today announced the use of Quick Response or QR codes (which are something like a smartphone-readable barcode) on building permits, to provide New Yorkers with easy access to information related to buildings and construction sites throughout the city.



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  1. Dakota

    Hey man you should get a picture of the JetBlue ad in the subway cars. It’s a QR code mosaic with a QR code inside. It’s like the internet is invading real life: “Yo dawg, I heard you like QR codes so we put a QR code in your QR code so you can link while you link.”

    1. Nice! Send me that pic and i’ll def post it up!

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  4. I think it’s incredibly necessary since smart phones are becoming more prevalent in the US. There’s a huge percentage of people using smart phones and businesses and designers need to listen to what they want. QR codes are the answer.