Mini Makes A Compelling Ad Combining QR, 3D Modeling and Augmented Reality

Mini Cooper recently published an ad in Wired magazine that prompts users to scan a QR code, download an app, and virtually place a Mini Cooper in any photo they like. In testing the ad experience from beginning to end, it seems well thought out an simple enough for the average smartphone user to grasp. Once the app is downloaded, manipulate a 3D mini cooper model to move and scale to your liking, making it fit into whatever scene you point your phone’s camera at. From there, grab a photo of the completed scene, and whisk it off to your favorite social network.


The app is simple and effective, and demonstrates a novel use o augmented reality to support brand campaigns.


One note – the QR code Mini used in their print at features a car graphic obscuring the center of the barcode. Since QR codes have a certain amount of built in error correction and resiliancy, the code is still scanable. However, because there are already so many read errors introduced by the obstruction, the code muat be alogned ans scanned perfectly by the user to work. Any more error introduced by glare (on shiny magazine paper) or deformity (creases, bent paper) makes the code unusable. Next time, go with a smaller obstruction, or completely unobstructed code.


Also interesting and related – a video of Mini’s Stockholm campaign.

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