First Day In Stockholm

Jill and I took the overnight train from Malmö back to Stockholm, which turned out to be a great way to travel. The train was easy and relatively inexpensive, and we had our own private sleeping cabin, so we got a good night’s sleep while we traveled.

In Stockholm, we set out gear down at our friend Emre’s apartment, and then set out to walk through Gamla Stan up to take a public boat out to the archipeligo.

We boated out to the nature protected island Grinda, which turned out to feel exactly like summer camp. Grinda is a no-car island, and the whole place was linked by a series of trails through the woods, with brown and green painted cabins scattered all around. There was a small tourist info hut, a hostel, cabins for rent, a general store, a small restaurat out by the marina, a farm, and a main boarding house. Jill and I coulden’t decide whether the place felt more like summer camp, or more like the island in LOST.

After Grinda, we went back to Stockholm and shopped around for a bit, got a late lunch, and then did a full lap through Gamla Stan, and a bunch of other parts of stockholm.

For dinner, we found a nifty Turkish place called Aya Sophia, and then went to hang out on the public square up the street with all the other kids.

Jill got a final ice cream, and then we went home, so Jill could get some sleep for her early early morning departure to Switzerland.

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