Another early morning wakeup at Gustaf’s, but this morning Jill and I ventured out by ourselves…to Denmark.

We rode the train across thr bridge, which was much easier than navigating in the car from country to country.

In Copenhagen, our first stop was Tivoli Garden. Quite surprising – we were under the impression that Tivoli was a quaint, nice botannical garden. Instead, it turned out to be a crazy, busy amusement park, complete with roller coasters, whack-a-mole, theme shows, and hot dog vendors. We had a great time at Tivoli hanging out, and then walked across town to a cool artists neighborhood. We got brunch at a nice cafe, and ended up meeting some locals and getting the inside scoop on what to to in Copenhagen.

After brunch we took some time to walk around town and expolore a few of the many trendy tshirt and sneaker shops, then hopped on the bus and rode it in a big loop around town – an effective, cheap way to see the entire city. After the bus, we walked around a bit more, and I found a city of Copenhagen bike, which was interesting to try out – not the highest quality bike, but good for getting around town, and great that it’s free and provided by the city. The sheer number of bikes in copenhagen was staggering.

Finally, we checked out a light exhibit at the Copenhagen Design Institute, and then got back on the train to Malmö.