Southern Coast Summer

Southern Coast Summer

Early morning breakfast at Gustaf’s, then the three of us hit the road for the southern coast.

First stop was the sleepy fishing town of Ystad – good walk around, with a very old, traditional neighborbood.

Then to the small marina community of Käseberg, where we sat in the sun and had fish sandwiches. We also checked out the Pink Floyd inspired maritime rescue and recovery museum, and finally the mysterious rock ring. At the rocks there were all sorts of crazy conspiracy theorists there handing out flyers with their cracked out explanation for the rocks – but our explanation was the best- it was an ancient kids playground.

Next we cruised down the coast more, out of Danish radio range, to Simrishamn where we bought some wine and strawberries for the bbq at Magnus’ house.

We then cruised to Gustaf’s summer beach house, and swam in the ocean and laid in the sand for a bit.

Finally before Magnus’ bbq at his summer house, we stopped off at an amazing all you can eat coffee and cookies joint.

We ended the day by bbq’ing at Magnus’ place, going for an evening swim in the ocean, and the racing home to Malmö.

Copenhagen tonorrow!