Stockholm Day Two

Stockholm Day Two

Ikea69-Exhibit-PosterToday Jill got up early to go to the airport to fly to Switzerland, and I slept in a bit, and then had a full day in Stockholm to myself.

First thing I did was grab some breakfast at a local cafe, then walked over to Pet Sounds, a local music store near Emre’s apartment in Sodermalm. Pet Sounds is a great music shop, with cool staff, a great selection, and a bar, with the same name, same owner, right across the street.

From there, I trekked across town to the Liljevalchs museum, to see the Ikea 69 exhibit, which looks at all of Ikea’s long and interesting history with design and production. Super interesting, especially seeing videos of the designers talking about their inspiration for designs, and looking at the special and commemorative sets of furniture for various occassions. Really put a new spin on the Ikea brand for me – before I had associated it with both cheap in price and quality – It’s nice to know how much thought really goes into each piece they make. It was also interesting to see so much Ikea goods in the homes of everyone Jill and I stayed with, as well as all around Sweden in shops, bars, restaurants. It really has helped shape the country.

After Ikea, I bounced over to the Modern Museum to see the European Photography Exhibit, as well as the Clay Ketter exhibit. The photography exhibit was great, and seeing photos from an isolated time period – teh 70’s, was a great way to really get into a particular style of collective feeling.

Finally for the day, I immersed myself for an hour and a half at the Design Torget store (like the MOMA gift shop on ultra steroids), and then took a long slow sunset walk home through Gamla Stan.

Showered and changed, then went out to Pelikan for some, yeah, Swedish Meatballs. I had to have them, as cheesy as it may sound. Was a great, warm, tasty restaurant and meal.

Finally, I walked all the way down to the southern tip of Sodermalm to the new hot nightspot, under the bridge, called Tradgarden – It’s a large outdoor venue and bar, and when I got there, it was completely packed, with a line stretching around the block. Apparently I wasn’t the only one frustrated with the long line, and quickly I met a group of kids who were getting in a cab to go across town to another Drum n Bass Club. After a little drama rounding up the group, we all made it into a cab, and went across town to another spot.

Quick walk home after that, and sleep.

Modern Museum Stockholm 70's Photography Exhibit