Google Wave In Action

At their IO conference this week, Google unveiled their new communications platform Google Wave. It supposedly combines multiple forms of communication – namely email and IM, into a collaborative communications suite. There’s been HUGE buzz on this lately, and Ben Parr of Mashable has posted a good Google Wave guide.

I think Google Wave does have great potential, and its success will be largely dependent on how effectively Google manages to distribute it and enable universal access – users must be able to seamlessly switch over to using Google Wave from their current email/IM platforms. This could mean significant API access for developers (already available), and cross platform interface compatibility. Additionally, I love seeing that they’re enabling access to social nets like Twitter and Facebook. Could we get universal login with our Google login / Facebook login / Twitter login / OpenID login?



One response to “Google Wave In Action”

  1. Google Wave looks awesome. I am 20 minutes into the 80 minute video and I already can not wait to start using this. Everything is soo seamless and really takes the way we communicate into account and kind of weeds out our snail mail ways. While everyone loves to get actual snail mail, we should all ride the wave when it is out because the capabilities are awesome. There is also the possibility of integrating Google Gears with the Wave as well. OHHH GOOGLE, let us count the ways we love you!