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Google’s Influence on Photography – Street View and Beyond

Following up on yesterday’s post on Google Street View in the Grand Canyon, here’s a great article from LightBox. It goes over the incredible impact of Google’s Street View experiement, and what it’s done for mapping and photography. From the article: In the catalogue to the show Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera since 1870, …

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Google favors mobile optimized sites in their mobile search results

Recently, a client asked me about Google Mobile Search Results, and how the algorithm works to prioritize results aimed specifically at mobile users. In general, I believe that Google favors mobile optimized sites in their mobile search results. There are a number of usability features, such as location base services, screen real estate, and touch …

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iPhone and Android Applications In Google Mobile Search Results

Google has started showing mobile application results in their mobile web search results, potentially marking the beginnings of the intersection of web search and mobile apps. This initial implementation of mobile installable application results in mobile web search result is the first step. Mobile network infrastructure and mobile handset hardware are improving, and web standards …

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