YouTube really went down

Ah, those minutes troubleshooting video on the blog today were for nothing.. turns out that YouTube really did go down for a while this afternoon, when Pakistan Telecom apparently hijacked YouTube’s IP Range. Amazing something like this can happen.. and reminds me of the story a while back about some farmers using a high bandwidth fiber optic cable for target practice…  

Upon further reading.. looks like BBC is reporting this story too, but there’s a difference between the TechCrunch Article and the BBC Article – TechCrunch is discussing how Pakistan Telecom took down YouTube for the WHOLE WORLD, whereas BBC completely glossed over that fact, and even made it seem like YouTube access was only cutoff in Pakistan. YouTube is probably gone more permanently from Pakistan, but I think it defenitely would have been worth noting the worldwide effect  of Pakistan Telecom’s actions. What’s going on here?  

Some more clarification from ZD Net 

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  1. Wow, that is amazing. Crazy really.