Google Launches Friend Connect

Google Launches Friend Connect

Google just announced, and will launch tomorrow, Friend Connect. Will this be another building block in the road to the ultimate ubiquitous social network? With any website being able to add a social networking component, and all of those components being able to network together via Open Social, we’re about to be one step closer to all being on the same social network, always. Additionally, OpenID integration will allow us to have just one login name/password to remember for everything. From the press release:

Visitors to any site using Google Friend Connect will be able to see, invite, and interact with new friends, or, using secure authorization APIs, with existing friends from social sites on the web, including Facebook, Google Talk, hi5, orkut, Plaxo, and more.

Read more on Techcrunch, and watch Google’s Campfire One tonight.

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One response to “Google Launches Friend Connect”

  1. google is crazy like that they either come up with billion dollar ideas, or they buy them. I’d love to start a similar business you know, a super network on the Internet.