Israel Day Five – Tel Aviv and NYC

Israel Day Five – Tel Aviv and NYC

Today was the last day of the trip – and an extremely long one. We woke up around 11, and Steph, Wills and I hung out around the apartment for a while, going through photos, making breakfast, and packing up. After that Steph and I walked through some parks to the Sherut to TelAviv, which do run on Saturdays, since they are driven by Arabs. By the time we got into Tel Aviv, it was already 5, and the sun had set. Steph and I were meeting some friends for dinner out at the port, so we took another Sherut out to the beach, and then enjoyed a long walk up the boardwalk, looking out at the Mediterranean – a peaceful experience, after tension in the rest of the country. We had a quick dinner with Charlotte and her sister, and then I took a cab to the airport, and Steph took the Sherut back to Jerusalem.

My flights home were mostly uneventful, and I got home safely.

That about does it for the narrative portion of the trip – next up I’m going to try to wrap it all up, and provide some thoughts regarding blogging from the field, availability of data connections, and about writing while moving.

Also, during the trip I did blog some photos, but they were all “from the hip” camera phone photos. I took about 1200 real photos with my awesome Canon G10, and I’ll be editing them down this week, and posting the core shots (100 or so) online as soon as possible.

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  1. i am really glad you are home safe jeff!! ILY!