Turkey Day Three – Adana to Antakya

turkey-beachToday we slept in, waking at 9:00 after a solid 9 hours of sleep – much needed after getting 3 hours the previous night. We quickly packed up our gear, Kirk and I had a quick internet cafe session, and then we had a quick morning tea with the Ak Otel (hotel) staff.

Before hopping on the bus to Atakya, we stopped quickly in a cafe for more tea and some greasy pastries.

The Dolmush to Antakya was somewhat standard, with the usual random stops on the side of the road and sudden switches of busses, with frantic grabbing our gear from one bus and sprinting to the next bus, hopping on as it pulls away.

When we arrived in Antakya, it was still raining, but everyone in town seemed upbeat and fine with it.

We found a good and cheap hotel, dropped our gear, and set off around town to find a place to eat. We finally found in the rain Antakya Evi, a cozy family restaurant where they served us an amazing amount of home cooked Turkish food, and we discussed with the restaurant owner about his wind farm.

Dinner ended, and we slogged through more rain, looking for a Nargile cafe. Unsuccessful, we headed back to the room to relax, dry off and plan out the next day.

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One response to “Turkey Day Three – Adana to Antakya”

  1. dear jeff,
    ill be in antakya starting 2morrow for 2nights.
    do you remember the name of the good and cheap hotel and what is meant with cheap!
    thanks for your help!