Setting Out to Turkey – If The Weather Holds

Tonight I’m set to fly out of NYC, headed through Paris, on my way to Istanbul, Turkey. All packed up, ready to go – and now snow in the city. Hoping I can get out of here ok.

For this trip, I’m taking two bags with me – my 40L Jack Wolfskin Alpine Pack, and my 15L Lowe Alpine Alpine Attack Summit. The Lowe Alpine daypack actually compacts down and fits in a pocket on my bigger pack, so really I’ll only have to carry one smallish (50L is not that big) backpack with me. I’m thinking that once we’re settled in where we’re going, I can switch off to the daypack for knocking around town and hiking.

I’m going to try to update this blog as often as possible while traveling – I’m taking my iPhone, which can send messages to the blog via Email, SMS, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, or the WordPress application.

Off to the airport, more updates soon…