Jeff and Bren on the Vortex

Jeff and Bren on the Vortex, originally uploaded by jamfan2.

Bren and I on the Vortex rollercoaster at Kings Island. We were young. I found this photo in an old shoebox last time I went home. I don’t know why I’m posting it.. just thought it was funny.
Also, I just bought a Flickr pro membership, so i can store lots of photos and whatnot on flickr. It’s a pretty cool service, and offers lots of flexibility. For a whole flickr photo album, check out the Winter Music Conference post, below.



7 responses to “Jeff and Bren on the Vortex”

  1. Mercedes

    Clear sky! Wow! Is that NYC sky? I can’t believe it!! BLUE!!!

  2. Jeffrey

    yeah, clear sky!

  3. Anonymous

    yay fun times!


  4. Mercedes

    I’m flabbergasted. This exibit has left me, um…blip…uhh..speachless. I’m just glad you’re drinking free beer and not drinking soda.

  5. Carrie Lorraine

    I’m lovin up the pictures as always on your site! It looks like I may be out your way in the near future. :) Hope you are well!

    Ps. Kickball is awesome!

  6. jeff, i was in nyc two weeks ago and we actually also made it to the roof top of the gansvoort hotel. great place, great location!
    hi from germany, julia.

  7. Mercedes

    You and Chris look wonderfully relaxed! I love it!