A Year in Photos: 3492 Photos On Flickr

This year, like many years before it, was certainly a year of photos for me. I try to keep all of my online photo postings consolodated into my Flickr photo stream. It’s a great place to keep all of my photos, and easily share them around. Currently, I’m adding photos to Flickr through a couple channels:

  • Flickr Uploadr on my laptop
  • Flickr iOS app on my iPhone4
  • Instagram iOS App
  • Camera+ iOS App
  • Twitter
  • Foursquare via FlickrSquare

So it’s no surprise that I have a lot of photos posted. For this year, the final number is 3492. In upcoming days I’ll try to analyze them a bit more, but for now, here’s the daily breakdown of photos posted throughout the entire year…