>DJ’ing at Tulagis

>Listening to: DJ Z-Trip & DJ P – Uneasy Listening Vol. 1

Played a few sets tonight and last night at Tulagis on the hill…. more later…

Amanda hanging out in the DJ booth with me...

Oh, one last thing… my brother, Jason, works pretty hard on writing programs, dhtml scripts etc, and he’s actually done a bunch of good work… some nice little utilities that are unique, usefull, and well implimented…. he’s also helped me out a lot on the code for this site, and some other little stuff….. check out some of his stuff if you want….(programs available here)

iTunes Webpage Builder

The iTunes webpage builder creates html files containing a table of the users library and/or the users playlists. Then, this file can be uploaded onto the internet, or shared across networks. It utilizes the iTunes XML format.

Word Document Organizer

The Word Document Organizer is meant to be used as an organizer to quickly view word documents and catorgorize them in folders. It utilizes shell32.dll and the Microsoft Office API. The user must have Microsoft Office installed.