>chillin in the studio

>Listening to: Willie Bobo – Fried Neckbones and Some Home Fries [Dan the Automator Remix]

a boulder drivers view of traffice signals

Ok, so I’m in the broadcast studio at Radio1190 now, doin my radio show…. Lately, since I bought turtables and a mixer etc, I’ve been mixing and recording my radio show at home, and then making a cd of it and just playing it back on the air. I do this because its a pain in the ass to pack up all my DJ equiptment and lugg it into the studio every week… Anyway, its also cool because since i record the show on my computer, its easy to make cd’s for people who call the request line and stuff… By the way, if you want a copy of a week of The Acid Lounge, let me know!

This week has been hard core for me in terms of schoolwork, but i think its coming to an end soon…. my last big project for a few weeks is due tomorrow, and then the weekend! I think I’m going to be playing a set at Tulagis on fri or sat, as part of the save tulagis effort.

Also, Chris is coming next tuesday, to chill out in boulder for a while before we road trip on down to Telluride for some spring skiing.

Ok, going along with what kate said (and i commented on) about the stupid flashing crosswalk things in boulder, here’s another thing i hate about boulder drivers… Ok, when there are two roads that intersect, and only one direction has a stop sign, that means that the person traveling on the road without stop signs at the intersection does not have to stop at the interstection. Its the job of the person who is on the road with the stop signs to stop, right? Ok, so every time I’m on the stopsign road at one of these intersections, inevitably, the driver on the othe road will stop for me to go! Dude, you dont have to fucking stop if theres no stopsign! Arg, its frusturating just sitting there staring at them.

Oh, and if im biking on the side of the road and you pull up behind me in your car, please pass me! dont just sit behind me idling at 10 mph or however fast im goign. just pass me, im on a bike, your in a car!

Ok, thats enough ranting for tonight, gotta get on the air!