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A Map Of The Most Photographed Places In The World. Let’s Go To The Least!

Based on geolocation data from Panorimio, here’s an excellent map of the most photographed places on earth, but together by Bluemoon.ee. While I’m sure a good portion of this map data corrolates with “population density of those who can afford cameras” as Reddit user kingleo1 points out, it’s still an interesting study of where people …

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Photography Portfolio: Adventure Travel with the Sony RX-100

During the past year, I spent 3.5 months living and working at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica, and then traveled solo through Southeast Asia. At my side consistently through my year of extreme adventure was the best pocket camera I’ve ever used, the Sony RX-100. Now that I’ve returned, here’s a quick portfolio of …

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Photography Field Guide: 10 Essential Shots for Covering a Weather Disaster

What good is a freakishly large hurricane bearing down on NYC if you can’t photograph it? Now, thanks to Scientific American’s Compound Eye Science Photography blog, we have a concise guide to the key shots for covering the hurricane, or any disaster. It’s certainly an interesting explanation of each shot, and goes the illustrate the …

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Political Photo Ops

Today a great article from the Washington Post on political photo ops. Generally, photographers embedded on a campaign don’t see the logistics that go into these moments; they’re led off the bus when it’s time to start shooting, said David Ake, Washington photo chief for the Associated Press. But they’ll scramble for the right shot, …

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Google’s Influence on Photography – Street View and Beyond

Following up on yesterday’s post on Google Street View in the Grand Canyon, here’s a great article from LightBox. It goes over the incredible impact of Google’s Street View experiement, and what it’s done for mapping and photography. From the article: In the catalogue to the show Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera since 1870, …

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