Cheap Photography! Tutorial on DIY Jib Photography

Getting interesting camera angles is always on my mind, but often times I just dont have the resources for all of the gear I need. Additionally, I don’t professionally produce videos – I mainly shoot clips of my travels and string them together in iMovie, so investing in major equipment is not something I’m into right now.

This new tutorial posted on Vimeo goes over the basics of jib photography, and includes some excellent resources on building a jib on the cheap. It’s amazing to see the results you can get out of just a bit of controlled motion in your videos.

A jib — also called a crane — is a device that enables cinematographers to get smooth moving shots. With a jib you can tilt and pan horizontally and vertically, or even a full 360 degrees. There are many reasons why you’d want to use a jib, which we’ll explore in depth later.

Video School / Lessons – Jibs and Cranes on Vimeo



2 responses to “Cheap Photography! Tutorial on DIY Jib Photography”

  1. I did not know about the Jib photography before reading this post. Seeming exciting to explore, though I am not an expert photographer. What happened to the video, it is not showing here!

  2. Jib is a amazing for making motion or moving videos. It is also helpful when you make 360 degree videos. This tutorial help me to understand the work flow of Jib. Jib which is also called a crane is a device that enable to get smooth shots even you are one the run. The bury and shakiness of the video will greatly reduce by using this device. The results is astonishing.