Photography Portfolio: Adventure Travel with the Sony RX-100

During the past year, I spent 3.5 months living and working at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica, and then traveled solo through Southeast Asia. At my side consistently through my year of extreme adventure was the best pocket camera I’ve ever used, the Sony RX-100. Now that I’ve returned, here’s a quick portfolio of photos I’ve taken in the last year with the camera.

2012-11-16 The South Pole

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rx100-cut-awayMy thoughts on shooting with the RX-100, taken from my SE Asia Trip Report:

Traveling with the Sony RX100 turned out to be great. I had loved shooting with that camera at the south pole, and shooting with it while traveling was just as good. It’s very small – I can fit it in the pockets of my jeans. Yet, it still has full manual control of all camera functions, and just barely enough hand controls on the body to make it relatively easy to handle while shooting. Additionally, the other extremely important factor for me while shooting was the responsiveness – and the RX100 is great with that – controls feel snappy and responsive, and the feel of pushing the shutter button is tight. Not quite as instant and seamless as the controls on my SLR, but pretty darn close. When I’m shooting with my SLR, I know it well enough and it’s responsive enough that I can easily stop paying attention to using the camera, and devote full attention to shooting photos. With the Sony RX100, I’d say I can get about 75% of the way to fully forgetting about the camera. Not perfect, but pretty darn good for a compact.

The RX100 takes great quality pictures, and I loved shooting on it. I shot mostly with it on Manual mode, taking RAW files. Occasionally i would have moments of laziness and shoot in Aperture priority or Program mode, but for the most part it was manual. Also, I assigned one of the settings memories to a low quality reference image mode – shooting JPG at a small picture size, full automatic, with a locked in high ISO of 3200. I used this mode for quickly shooting reference images, only for my use – pictures of descriptive signs, menus, receipts, business cards, maps, and other things I wanted to be able to refer back to while editing, but didn’t want to burn too much memory card space on. I didn’t delete any photos.


C-17 Globemaster III from New Zealand to Antarctica
2012-11-12 CHC to McMurdo - DSC01554-1600-80

Flying over the Transantarctic Mountains
2012-11-12 CHC to McMurdo - DSC01602-1600-80

Taking in the view in an LC-130 Hercules over the South Pole, Antarctica
2012-11-13 McMurdo>Pole - DSC01818-1600-80

Deploying Neutrino Sensors for the Askaryan Radio Array, South Pole
2012-12-01 ARA

Fuel Tanker docked at McMurdo Station, Antarctica
2013-02-12 McMurdo - DSC07611-2000-90

Southeast Asia

Angkor Wat, Indonesia
2013-06-18 Angkor Wat - DSC05943-FullWM

Mandalay, Myanmar
2013-05-14 Mandalay - DSC02002-FullWM

Shan State, Myanmar
2013-05-09 Trekking Northern Shan State - DSC01096-FullWM

Bangkok, Thailand
2013-04-27 Bangkok - DSC07826-FullWM

Borobudur, Indonesia
2013-04-01 Borobudur - DSC03652-FullWM

Komodo, Indonesia
2013-03-23 Komodo Cruise - DSC01884-FullWM

Mt. Cook, New Zealand
2013-02-26 Mueller Hut - DSC08933-FullWM

Arthurs Pass, New Zealand
2013-02-15 Tramping Arthurs Pass - DSC07789-2000-90

Kyoto, Japan
2013-06-27 Kyoto - DSC06948-FullWM

Tonsai, Thailand
2013-04-18 Tonsai - DSC05741-FullWM

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3 responses to “Photography Portfolio: Adventure Travel with the Sony RX-100”

  1. I just bought the Rx100…and I have to say it is awesome…but I am such a newbie when it comes to photography and settings…hopefully I too, can snap wonderful photos like these

  2. Love these photographs. Many thanks for publishing, you have just convinced me to buy one.

  3. Sopheak

    It’s all beautiful shots. Anyways, i just want to correct the first picture of Southeast Asia, “Angkor Wat, Cambodia” not Indonesia.