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Introducing the Technology & Camera Creatives Meetup Group

Introducing the Technology & Camera Creatives Group – a meetup group¬†Kevin Owocki and I are co-founding here in Boulder, Colorado. The group was born from an obvious and increasingly present intersection of technology and photography in our everyday lives. We thought it was finally time to have a formal group in Boulder to discuss these …

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Photography Portfolio: Adventure Travel with the Sony RX-100

During the past year, I spent 3.5 months living and working at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica, and then traveled solo through Southeast Asia. At my side consistently through my year of extreme adventure was the best pocket camera I’ve ever used, the Sony RX-100. Now that I’ve returned, here’s a quick portfolio of …

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How Blogging Has Helped Me Apply the DRY Principle to Conversations

I recently had an online conversation with old friend Dakota Blair. It had been a while since we talked, and so there was a lot to catch up on – where we’re both working now, life events, tech news, etc. Throughout the course of the conversation, in response to about half of the questions Dakota …

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Using the Canon SD780 IS Camera

Recently, I wrote about the decision making process for selecting a new pocket camera. I finally decided on the Canon SD780 IS digital camera, and after a couple months of average use of the camera, I’ve gotten to know a bit of its strengths and weaknesses. I’ve owned Canon compact digital cameras ever since the …

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