Apple Picking and Camping Weekend 2013

The annual Apple Picking Trip. This is a new year tradition that originally started in my family when I was a kid – my family would go with another family over to Kentucky to pick apples and hang out on the farm. Since I moved to NYC, I’ve been keeping the tradition up with an ever growing group of good friends.

2013-10-06 Apple Picking - DSC00411-FullWM

This year we headed up to New Paltz for the fun. Everybody drove separately, instead of in a big van like last year. This made planning for me much easier. Our first stop of the day was lunch on the back patio of Bacchus Restaurant in New Paltz – always a great place to go, with a large menu of both food and beer, and a super friendly and fun local staff. They always treat us right!

Next stop, Minard Farms, and the requisite Apple Cider Donuts to start off.

2013-10-06 Apple Picking - DSC00256-FullWM

A quick hay ride gets us out to the orchard.

2013-10-06 Apple Picking - DSC00280-FullWM
2013-10-06 Apple Picking - DSC00291-FullWM
2013-10-06 Apple Picking - DSC00298-FullWM

And then we pick apples.

2013-10-06 Apple Picking - DSC00316-FullWM
2013-10-06 Apple Picking - DSC00375-FullWM
2013-10-06 Apple Picking - DSC00432-FullWM

Every year, Nick and I take this same picture of us juggling apples.

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Juggling Apples!

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After apples, we go down the road to the pumpkin patch.

2013-10-06 Apple Picking - DSC00500-FullWM
2013-10-06 Apple Picking - DSC00510-FullWM
2013-10-06 Apple Picking - DSC00549-FullWM
2013-10-06 Apple Picking - DSC00568-FullWM

Dinner was at The Gilded Otter Brewpub, the defacto place to go for dinner with friends in New Paltz. They serve great flights of beers brewed on site, and have tasty pub food.

And then for camping. This year it was raining a little bit, but we still had a great time playing games around the campfire in the rain. We camped at the Multi Use Area, always a favorite.

2013-10-06 Apple Picking - DSC00654-FullWM
2013-10-06 Apple Picking - DSC00680-FullWM
2013-10-06 Apple Picking - DSC00693-FullWM

Past apple picking trips:

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