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  • Apple Picking and Camping Weekend 2013

    Apple Picking and Camping Weekend 2013

    The annual Apple Picking Trip. This is a new year tradition that originally started in my family when I was a kid – my family would go with another family over to Kentucky to pick apples and hang out on the farm. Since I moved to NYC, I’ve been keeping the tradition up with an…

  • Apple Picking Weekend 2012

    Apple Picking Weekend 2012

    This past weekend we had our annual Apple Picking Weekend. After starting the tradition with my family when I was growing up, I’m very excited to continue it on with a great group of friends. This is our 3rd annual trip, out to Minard Farms, just outside of New Paltz, NY. This year in addition…

  • Apple Picking 2011

    Apple Picking 2011

    Yesterday was our annual Apple Picking trip. We spent the day in New Paltz, New York picking apples at Minard Farms and eating lunch at Bacchus restaurant. A few photos… 2011-10-02 Apple Picking – a set on Flickr. Previous Years: Apple Picking 2010 Apple Picking 2008 Apple Picking 2005 Apple Picking 2001